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How to Decorate the Dining Room

Your dining room is the most social room in your entire home. In fact, bonding over a shared meal is a universal staple in cultures across the globe. It's only natural that you want to make your dining room as welcoming and inviting as it can be. west elm carries a wide array of furniture and decor that'll pull the room together and help you achieve the style you want for your home.

Dining Room Decorating Tips

Before you focus on your furniture and accessories, assess the features of your dining room. What makes your space special? How can you use its structural elements to your advantage? A big factor in maximizing built-in characteristics of your dining room is making the most of natural lighting. Windows are a plus, and arranging furnishings in a way that showcases the sunlight creates an open, friendly environment.

Next up on the list of priorities is how many people you want your dining room to accommodate. Even if you don't have dinner guests over on a regular basis, setting up the room to host dinner parties only gives you more options down the line. To that end, position the table and chairs in the center of the room to create a cozy ambiance and make sure to allow for plenty of space on either side for foot traffic.

Next is the big ticket decorating decisions: what's your favorite style? It doesn't matter if you live in a house, a condo, an apartment, or if your dining room is big or small. If you have your heart set on a particular theme, it's possible to make it come to life.

Silhouette Pedestal Dining Table

Decorate the Dining Room by Style

Whether your personal tastes lean toward the sleek aesthetic of modern interior design or you're interested in turning your dining room into a cozy haven, there are many styles and themes out there for you. With the right combination of furniture, color palette, serveware and glassware, you're all set to have the dining room of your dreams.

A popular choice for laidback interiors is the country (or rustic) style. These styles evoke the deep-rooted calm you could enjoy in a simpler place and time. The signature material for country dining rooms is wood. Key furniture elements include solid wood tables with square or rectangular tops, plain wood chairs with unvarnished surfaces, upholstered seat cushions and homey knickknacks. Wooden serveware and neutral color palettes will help accent the country style.

For those with an eye for throwback items and a deep sense of nostalgia, vintage dining room decorations are a solid choice. The ultimate perk with the vintage aesthetic is that you can combine heirloom and new furniture pieces. Vintage dining room furnishings put a premium on round wood tables with a white, aged finish. Buffets with accompanying glass cases make exhibiting your china and other dinnerware easy.

Anyone who avoids clutter and fussy furniture at all costs might like a minimalist dining room decoration. Furnishing your minimalist dining room is a breeze. The minimalist style favors subtle artistry, muted colors (especially white), crisp visuals, glass details and hard edges. You won't find any display cases or dining gear beyond the necessary and visually balanced.

Tower Dining Table - Concrete

If you're a moderate when it comes to dining room furnishings, a contemporary style might be right up your alley. Airy spaces and classic furniture give way to pragmatism and urban simplicity. Contemporary dining room decorations feature functionality above all else, so there won't be any excessive ornamental flourishes in the space. Contemporary serveware consists of standard sets of glasses, plates and silverware that you can use on any occasion.

There are so many design styles to choose from. Whichever one you pick, make sure it reflects your personal style and remember should always be fun!