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Brighten Your Home with Trendy Sconces

Proper lighting is important in every home. While most rooms will have a ceiling light, it may not be bright enough to fully illuminate a larger space. Adding sconces to the walls will not only add extra brightness to the room but also create an inviting atmosphere. These small fixtures can also be quite useful in situations where you just need a little bit of light, like while watching a movie or reading a book.

Wall Sconce Options

Though these light fixtures are available in a variety of styles and colors, modern sconces all fit into one of three categories:

  • Basic sconces use one light bulb and have a minimalist feel. Because these fixtures take up minimal horizontal and vertical space, they can be used to add light to just about any wall in the home.
  • Wall sconces with multiple bulbs are another option. These fixtures give off more light and look great when mounted over a modern bathroom vanity or in spaces like hallways and kitchens.
  • A sconce that extends is another modern and useful option. Many of these fixtures have arms that can tilt and swivel to redirect the light to where you need it. They can be mounted next to the bed or beside the workspace in your home office.

Materials and Colors

Like all trendy light fixtures, these lights use a blend of materials with a modern vibe, like glass and metal. Color options include shiny polished nickel, classic metallic black and elegant antique brass. These gorgeous wall sconces will add modern metallic flair to any blank wall space in your home.

The right wall sconce will not only increase the lighting in your room but will also serve as a lovely decorative accent. Browse the west elm collection of sconces today to find a beautiful fixture that fits your interior design style.