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Types of Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a simple and tasteful way to upgrade your homeʼs lighting from the entryway to the home office. A simple trio of pendant lights hung above a bar or dining table transform a ho-hum dining area into a modern, open space. Pendant lights work in the coziest breakfast nooks as well as massive great rooms with soaring ceilings. Choose pendant lights that carry on your homeʼs contemporary or midcentury appeal, or mix a traditional or cottage look with pendant lighting in modern styles for a fresh look to your present decor.

When choosing the lighting fixtures for your home, consider the pendant lamp components as well as the bulbs you use. Pendant lamps are available with drum shades, industrial-style globes, metal shades, fluted shades or tiers of cadiz-shells, so you have a large variety of decor accents from which to choose. From coastal romance to urban simplicity, there’s a pendant style that works with any decorating theme. Use colored sculptural glass to add a tinge of hue to a white or cream room. Abstract sculptural pendant lamps bring traditional decor alive while Edison-style bulbs work well in rustic and retro rooms. Choose LED bulbs from west elm in vintage and globe styles that donʼt become glaring in your pendant fixtures without shades. LED lights help save energy while providing a reliable glow above tables, desks and bars.

When installing pendant lights, measuring from the ceiling is key. Situate the lights at a level where they will be close enough to the surfaces you want to light up but not so low that people are at risk of hitting their heads. Make a mock light with a piece of heavy string tied to a paper cup. Tape a nickel to the underside of the cup to add weight if needed. One person can raise and lower the string and cup to determine the correct position for the lamp. Simply measure the string when you have the correct length and use the measurement to determine the correct pendant length for your lights. This is a safer method than using the actual sculptural glass lighting or other glass pendants for measuring purposes.

Hang pendant lights above your kitchen island to replace boring track lighting. Pendant lighting styles add character, sophistication and warmth to any space. Enhance pendant lighting with sconces and other wall lighting that brighten dimmer corners of rooms. If your hallway ceiling is tall enough, pendant lights can add brightness to navigate the way.

Pendant lights will collect dust and debris in time. Make certain light fixtures are turned off when doing surface cleaning. Shut off the power to the lighting fixtures at your homeʼs breaker box when doing any care with liquid cleaners or other materials to avoid a shock. Use a soft, dry cloth or feather duster to wipe dust and surface grime away from the globes and shades of your pendant lamps. Read the manufacturersʼ cleaning instructions for fabric and metal shades, which may need special care. If pendant lamps are very dusty, place a sheet or towel on the dining table to collect the falling dirt and debris.

Be bold and mix and match your lighting fixtures to create your own home style. Incorporate various types of lighting, from floor lamps to table lamps to make your rooms uniquely yours. Natural textures and soft colors look stunning when lit up by glimmering metal shades and pendants. Furnish larger bathrooms with a pendant light or two above the sink console and a flushmount light in the bath area. Mixing and matching lighting elements can make your homeʼs decor more cohesive or choose matching lighting to continue a theme throughout your rooms.