Lighting collections

Illuminate your space with high-quality, customizable lighting in so many styles.

sculptural glass globe collection

Sculptural glass globe collection

Slim and sleek in varying silhouettes that are striking yet minimal.

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trace collection

Trace collection

Tubular and simplistic shape inspired by modern design.

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mobile collection

Mobile collection

Iconic adjustable arms, angled profile and clear bulbs.

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sculptural glass geo collection

Sculptural glass geo collection

Geometric glass in a range of combinations for a refined look.

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staggered glass collection

Staggered glass collection

Contemporary symmetry with multiple gleaming glass orbs.

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light rods collection

Light rods collection

Artful and slim LED lighting in an adjustable rod shape.

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sphere & stem collection

Sphere & stem collection

Glass globes that seemingly float along a thin metal frame.

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sculptural glass faceted collection

Sculptural glass faceted collection

Angular glass shades in an array of elegant, refined silhouettes.

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hayes collection

Hayes collection

Contemporary take on traditional design with milk-colored glass globes.

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sculptural glass pebble

Sculptural glass pebble collection

Clean-lined, curved design in different forms that go with anything.

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industrial outline collection

Industrial outline collection

On-trend mix of materials balanced in a slender silhouette.

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caldas collection

Caldas collection

A study in brazilian mid-century design with a standout base.

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sculptural metal dome collection

Sculptural metal dome collection

Sleek, chic metal in a variety of finishes and forms.

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foundational collection

Foundational collection

Inspired by our iconic decor in timeless shapes and materials.

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asymmetric collection

Asymmetric collection

Inspired by japanese pottery, a fluid design with artistic intrigue.

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wood & ceramic collection

Wood & ceramic collection

Rustic take on scandinavian design with a smooth acacia wood base.

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sculptural glass ribbed collection

Sculptural glass ribbed collection

Vintage-inspired with ribbed globes in a range of forms.

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metalized collection

Metalized collection

Mouth-blown glass body with metal finishing for a polished look.

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curvilinear collection

Curvilinear collection

Adjustable, mid-century-inspired design for a bold silhouette.

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sculptural fabric cone collection

Sculptural fabric cone collection

Shades in different groupings made from cotton fabric that softly filter light.

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sculptural glass cone collection

Sculptural glass cone collection

Sleek profile with adjustable heights in a range of silhouettes.

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hudson collection

Hudson collection

A small-space superstar inspired by vintage designs.

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