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Illuminate Your Space With Bathroom Lights

Add layered lighting to your bathroom with vanity lights from west elm. These bathroom lights come in an array of styles, allowing you to find one that suits your space. Learn more about this collection of lighting, and create a well-lit bathroom that simplifies bathing and grooming.

Choose from Different Light Styles

When shopping for bathroom lights at west elm, consider where you want to display these lights. These wall-mounted styles can hang above your vanity or next to it. Select a flush-mount ceiling light to serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom and brighten the entire space. For a touch of dramatic flair, opt for a chandelier that adds elegance to your bathroom. When choosing bathroom lights, consider the existing lighting in your space. Determine whether you want to enhance existing lighting with these lights or replace the current lighting with new vanity lights from west elm.

Select Finishes That Coordinate With Your Space

West elm's bathroom lights boast a mixed-material construction that combines classic glass shades with metallic accents. As a result, these neutral pieces are easy to coordinate to other elements of your bathroom, including your bathroom accessories. Choose from several metallic finishes, including polished nickel, antique brass and antique bronze. Additionally, you can customize some bathroom lights by selecting the glass shade, including blush, champagne or midnight blue. Thanks to these many available options, you can discover a fixture perfect for your space.

Bathroom lighting offers ample illumination and so much more. This collection of vanity lights adds style and function to your space. Coordinate your fixtures to your bathroom hardware for a polished, uniform look.