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Window Treatments For Modern Rooms

Accent every room in your home with modern window treatments that add a swath of beautiful color and texture. Curtains are an essential element in nearly every space. The rooms that skip them focus a clean set of blinds to provide privacy and filter light. Discover the array of window coverings available at west elm today. For a dramatic look, check out floor-length drapes. For a touch of elegance, look to upscale materials, like silk or linen blends or organic cotton. Layer drapes with shades and finish the look with gleaming window hardware that anchors the other decor in your home. By focusing on your windows, you can set the tone and transform the atmosphere. Start shopping for window treatments today to elevate the mood in your space.

Which Window Treatments Are Best?

In deciding the best window treatments for your rooms, consider the layout and placement of windows against other design factors, like dimensions, scale and the furniture you have already chosen. Dressing the windows with care is a fantastic way to make your entire home look pulled together.

  • Pick window treatments that allow you the versatility to swap furniture and accents whenever the mood strikes. For instance, a simple set of velvet drapes lets you update seasonal decor while retaining a backdrop of elegance.
  • If you have already curated a look you love, shop to match your furniture. For example, the texture of linen curtains could offset a
  • In the most minimal list of homes, focus on high-end shades or blinds. These provide the privacy that you need while keeping the focus on other elements of your layout or decor.

Shades, Curtains and Hardware

As you begin to explore the selection of styles available now, mix-and-match the types of window treatments you choose. The right combination of shades, curtains and hardware for each space elevates your entire home.

  • For a focus on texture, try combining layers of gauzy curtains in a bedroom with a white duvet cover or see how bold hardware makes an unexpectedly polished statement in a bathroom.
  • If you need a lot of privacy in a certain room, go for a combination of all three types of window coverings. Use shades to offer a baseline level of privacy. Filter light to avoid telling silhouettes with heavier curtains and rely on well-made hardware to finish the look aesthetically.
  • To allow plenty of light into a space, check out Roman blinds and pair them with curtains with a grommet top for easy drawing in mornings or at night.

Transform your window coverings with a beautiful selection of shades, curtains and hardware, all designed for a modern home like yours.