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Home Organization & Storage Solutions for Every Room

The key to creating a functional space is maximizing the organization of the area and ensuring that everything has its place. With the help of some thoughtfully-designed home organization and storage solutions from west elm, it is easy to take the most standard spaces and transform them into a perfectly organized and magazine-inspired space. Begin your organization process by carefully reviewing any problem areas in the home and determining what types of belongings require better storage. Take careful measurements of any drawers, cabinets or closets so you know which pieces will fit.

Proper Storage Solutions for Every Room

Having the right organizational systems in place maximizes the function of any closet, shelf, drawer or cabinet. Some of the most popular solutions include:

Wall Storage

Wall hooks are a great way to keep the things you reach for most within easy access. They are easy to install and make a great solution for use in a foyer, bedroom or even a bathroom. Kids will find it much easier to hang towels on a hook than to fold them properly on a bar. Hooks aren't the only way to make the most of your wall space. Shelves can be used to showcase your favorite odds and ends or used to put the items you need within easy reach. Use a shelf for coffee mugs or place one in the bathroom for your daily toiletry items.

Concealed Storage

Containing the clutter is all about concealed storage solutions. Baskets with a hinged lid are ideal for bedrooms and living areas. Cabinets and shoe bins contain the clutter in the entryway. When it comes to concealed storage, look for large items with shelves or dividers that make it easy to tidy the items you place inside.

Exposed Storage

Items that are nice to look at or used frequently may call for exposed storage. Open baskets, shelves, hooks and bookcases are all decorative ways to make a space more useful.

Vanity Organization

The bathroom is one of the most-cluttered rooms of the home because of all the items needed on a daily basis. Make tissues, toothbrushes, soap and hair products look their best by adding decorative vanity storage on top and useful under-cabinet organization below.

Closet Organization

A simple wire shelf is just not enough or a bedroom closet. Hanging closet organizers, shoe racks, bins and storage drawers work together to keep all clothing items neatly contained and accessible.

Finding everything you need throughout the day is easy when you have the right home organization and storage solutions in place. Review the areas of the home that just aren't working for you and shop the entire collection of storage products available at west elm for the right pieces to update your space.