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Closet Organizers for Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Having proper storage and closet organization makes it much easier to keep your house looking neat and tidy. Handy closet organizers from west elm can be used in bedroom or hall closets to keep clothing, shoes and accessories arranged and easily accessible.

Shoe Organization

A basic shoe rack is essential for keeping running shoes, sandals, boots and heels organized in pairs and off the floor. These racks can sit near the front door, in a front hall closet or in bedroom closets. Since many of these shoe closet organizers are adjustable, they can be extended for large closets or shortened to add function to small spaces.

Organization for Accessories

Small outfit accessories, like bags, belts and necklaces, can often get lost in the mess of a disorganized closet. Handy accessory storage solutions ensure these smaller items are easy to find and kept in good condition. In the bedroom, place an overdoor hanger on the closet door to hang your jewelry and accessories. While smaller jewelry items like rings and earrings should be kept in a jewelry tray or storage box, larger items like bracelets and necklaces are easy to hang. Special bag hangers are also a great addition to bedroom closets. These hangers can hold a wide assortment of handbags without taking up very much space.

Overdoor hangers and bag hangers also come in handy in hall closets near the front entryway. They can hold light sweaters and jackets, hats, umbrellas, handbags and much more. Having your outdoor accessories organized and ready to go makes morning much easier.

Organization Without a Closet

If you don't have a closet or need extra storage, clothing racks are a great option. These lightweight racks feature an overhead rod for storing clothing and accessories on hangers. Some are even on wheels so they can easily be moved around for cleaning or redecorating. Garment racks can be used for closet overflow, as a coat rack for front door storage or for planning out your outfits for the week.

Take control of every closet in your home with practical closet organizers from west elm. Choose from various shoe racks and hangers to perfectly organize your clothing, shoes and accessories. And if you don't have a closet, there are also many great mobile storage solutions that can be used to add extra storage anywhere around the home.