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Improve Organization With Laundry Hampers

Laundry day is easier when your clothes are separated, organized and ready to be loaded into the washing machine. Laundry hampers at west elm keep piles of laundry, including clothes and bath towels, stored until it's time to wash them. These versatile storage solutions are easy to tuck into a closet, corner of a bedroom or in the laundry room. Mix-and-match styles to suit your family's needs to make managing laundry a simpler task.

1. Use Convenient Basket Styles

The classic laundry basket takes a modern and stylish with west elm's collection of laundry baskets. Choose from several sizes of woven baskets, crafted from sustainable products such as handwoven water hyacinth. These baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to find one perfect for your space. Choose a basket with a lid to keep your clothes concealed or one with an open top, which makes adding and removing laundry from it a simple task. You can even purchase a set of coordinating baskets, allowing you to optimize organization by separating colors and whites or creating his-and-hers baskets. Handles on the baskets make them easy to transport around the house.

2. Move Laundry With Hampers on Wheels

Wheeled laundry hampers are another practical way to improve organization in your laundry room. West elm's collection of hampers includes wheeled styles that are easy to maneuver from room to room. Push these industrial-strength hampers around the house to collect clothes and deliver them to the laundry room. Then, fill them with freshly folded clothes to ensure all of the laundry is put away promptly.

3. Enjoy Compact Folding Hampers

West elm's laundry hampers include folding styles that are ideal for rooms that are short on space. Their modern, streamlined design suits any space, whether you keep it stored in the laundry room or tucked away in a closet. You'll always find room of this style, which ensures that there's always a spot to place your ready-to-be-washed clothes.

West elm's laundry hampers come in many styles, allowing you to improve laundry room organization. Whether you're organizing clothes and sheet sets within the laundry room in these baskets or keeping laundry stored in closets or bedrooms with them, you'll simplify laundry with these hampers.