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Dog Accessories For the Modern Pet

Treat your dog to some of the most stylish dog accessories available anywhere when you shop for food and water bowls, pillows, beds and more. While your dog may not care about style as much as you do, your pets know when attention and care is being lavished in their direction. Commit to their ultimate happiness by giving them a comfortable place to flop on the floor without sacrificing your carefully curated in-home style. Neutral tones, modern patterns and easy-to-wash materials and finishes make these items must-haves for anyone with a dog -- or two or three. Start shopping dog accessories now to create cozy nooks that look great and welcome pets to feel at home.

Stylish Dog Accessories For Your Home

There are many ways to design tableaus and scenes that are totally functional for pets, but still feel like they flow with the rest of your decor. Check out a few simple tips to style your dog accessories in any room.

  • Pick a corner or wall for a dog bed that lets your dog feel like he or she can see the room. Many dogs like to feel tucked into a den of sorts, so a cushy bed with a few accessories around it can quickly become your dog's favorite spot.
  • Add height or density to an area with a dog bed or bowls by adding indoor plants. These are often substantial enough to highlight an area alongside a well-made pillow or other spot for your dog to lounge.
  • Choose bowls that match your kitchen, entryway, porch or other area where you feed your dog. Painted or printed ceramic that is dog-safe is a great way to add luxurious detail and personality to a room.

Selecting Soft, Modern Dog Beds

Every dog needs a bed. Having a soft cushion is natural for their overall sense of well-being. Just like you love having a cozy place to lie down, so does your dog. Shop for pillows, beds and other dog accessories that you know they'll love and make their own in no time.

  • Choose a big dog bed that gives them a place to sleep at night. This is usually a large cushion with lots of stuffing.
  • You might want to get one that includes piping or other details, but for a modern look, stick with neutral earth tones, like tan, ecru, wheat or other colors that are light enough to look airy, dark enough to hide a fun day at the dog park and easy to wash every time.
  • Embellish the corner or wall where you place your dog bed with an area rug to frame the space.
  • Select a few dog pillows to place around the house so your dog can relax while you cook or watch a movie or read.

Explore how you can adorn your home with dog accessories that make your place a sanctuary for you and your dog alike.