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Trash Cans For Every Room in the Home

Though they're primarily functional, there's no reason why your trash cans can't be stylish too! The ones at West Elm come in a variety of size, material and color options to meet your design needs. And with their unique functional features, they'll also make it easy to keep your home feeling fresh and clean. Choose from a wide selection of garbage cans to use in your kitchen, bathroom, home office or other spaces around the house.

Open-Top and Step Cans

The garbage cans at West Elm come in two main style options: open-top or lidded step cans. Open-top cans are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and hallways. They're typically small enough to sit in any empty corner of the room. The open top also makes it easy to throw away any trash that collects in these high-traffic areas, so you can keep your spaces clean and organized.

For kitchens and bathrooms, a lidded garbage can is typically preferred for odor control and to store trash discreetly. Upgrade to step trash cans to keep these spaces neat and tidy. These cans feature a pedal at the base that, when lightly pressed, lifts the top. Since you can control the pedal with your foot, your hands will be left free. Having this freedom will come in handy when emptying a dustpan or scraping vegetable trimmings from your cutting board. There are also a few lidded cans that use a battery-powered motion sensor instead of a step pedal, allowing you to lift the top with a simple wave of your hand.

Trash Receptacle Features

The open-top and step garbage cans at West Elm are crafted of premium materials like steel or resin. Color options include classic stainless steel, antique brass or modern white. The smallest cans have a half-gallon (or less) capacity, and the largest have up to a 14-gallon capacity. With so many size options available, it's easy to find one to meet your household needs. Many cans also include extra features, like an internal grip to keep your garbage bag or liner in place. Having this grip ensures your bag never slips, even when weighed down with plenty of trash, so it's easy to change when full. Some also have a built-in liner pocket to hold extra bags, so you never have to search for them.

This collection also includes a few compost caddies to facilitate home composting. They're designed to sit in your cupboards or on the countertop to turn food scraps into compost. The specially fitted lid helps to control odor. And since they're quite compact, they make the perfect countertop accessory for sustainable households.

Shop for trash cans at West Elm to add to every room in the home. Choose from a variety of open-top cans for high-traffic living spaces or lidded garbage cans for odor control and a discreet look. With their unique style options and design features, these trash receptacles will help to make any home look clean and feel fresh.