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Get The Cabana Vibe with Outdoor Curtains

If any detail gives off the vibe of an upscale resort, it's outdoor curtains. These weather-resistant panels make the perfect drapes around a cabana, lanai or deck roof over your patio. Hang them by grommets for easy installation. The look is breezy, yet remains luxe by creating privacy and a sense of exclusivity.

Enhance the Ambiance Anywhere

It's easy to envision outdoor curtains somewhere with an ocean or pool, but you can hang them in any outdoor space to create the ambiance you want.

  • Install a curtain rod across the front of your balcony to enjoy city views from your own private spot.
  • Frame a social area in your yard, like near hot tub or a fire pit by sectioning off areas with pillows or cushions.
  • Create an exclusive feel when entertaining outdoors by partitioning your deck to keep guests exploring.

Patio Curtains Create Privacy

The main draw of patio curtains is the immediate privacy they offer. Within minutes of hanging them, you can cordon off part of your outdoor space to enjoy free of distractions from other yards, balconies or the street.

  • Enjoy a sense of romance while watching the sun rise or set.
  • Pour beverages or serve snacks while maintaining an intimate party mood.
  • Design a portal for guests to gather and mingle freely as they would indoors.

Relax in Luxurious Style

Discover a feeling of luxury when you hang these curtains. They offer a stylish way to relax with a book, watch nearby water ripple and gleam or take a nap. A soft drape creates a soothing atmosphere while you enjoy the breeze or a few rays of sun.