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Outdoor Heaters Create a Cozy Spot to Relax

Cold nights don't have to deter you from enjoying the outdoors. With the right equipment, you can take your outdoor space from one that you can use only seasonally to one that you can enjoy year-round. When temperatures drop, you can do more than just layer up or hide indoors. Instead, you can turn on your outdoor heater and enjoy chilly nights under the stars. Perfect for fall bonfires or backyard barbecues, the outdoor heaters in this collection are a versatile addition to your space. Don't let cold weather keep you out of the fresh air. Instead, add warmth to your porch, patio or deck with a new heater designed exclusively for outdoor use. Learn more about the features of these heaters in this West Elm collection to find the right one for your home.

Practical Use

Imagine the possibilities for outdoor entertaining when you add outdoor heaters to your space. Perhaps you've already invested in outdoor furniture like sofas and armchairs perfect for conversation under the stars. You've added some cozy and colorful outdoor pillows to enhance your comfort even more. Now, you want to be able to enjoy this outdoor space as often as possible, even when the weather cools.

Outdoor heating units from West Elm are a practical addition to your space. They are easy to set up and aren't intrusive, meaning you can incorporate them easily into your outdoor area. Operating them is simple, which means you can have your space heated in no time, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even when temperatures drop.


As you shop for outdoor heaters from West Elm, do so with your space in mind. You want to find one that's appropriately sized for your space. When you do, the unit will give off just the right amount of heat, ensuring that you aren't too hot or too chilly. Even more, consider where you may position the heater, ensuring that you have ample space to keep it positioned just right so that the heat source is capable of keeping you warm. With these considerations in mind, you can ensure that your outdoor heater effectively keeps you warm when temperatures cool.

Embrace outdoor relaxation throughout the year by investing in outdoor heaters from West Elm. This addition extends the life of your outdoor happy hours, barbecues and bonfires, allowing you to continue to enjoy your outdoor space even as fall and winter temperatures roll in.