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Find the Perfect Patio Umbrella to Match Your Outdoor Style

Keep the sun at bay and enjoy refreshing drinks, delicious dinners and great conversation with friends and family by adding a patio umbrella to your setup. Whether you spend tons of time outside each day or you're just getting ready for a big backyard barbecue, an outdoor umbrella can help you create a dreamy deck or perfect patio in no time flat.

Use this guide to learn more about shopping for a patio umbrella for any outdoor space.

What is a Patio Umbrella?

Check out any well-appointed outdoor space where people spend time and you'll find at least one or two umbrellas. Designed to make spending time outside more comfortable whether it's bright and sunny or starting to drizzle, your outdoor entertaining space can benefit greatly from patio umbrella. Here are a few different ways you can utilize a patio umbrella in your backyard or on your deck or patio:

  • Cover your table for outdoor dining. Gather the family around the pool for lunch or throw a spectacular dinner party with ambient mood lighting for your friends and family. Utilizing a patio umbrella also helps shield you and your guest from the sun during a daytime cookout.
  • Give your grill area some cover. Spending too long grilling in the hot, mid-day sun can leave you sleepy with a sunburn. Cover your grilling station with a free-standing patio umbrella.
  • Create shade over your outdoor lounge chairs. Pick up a book and enjoy the sunshine or take a cozy nap when the temp is right. No need to worry about those pesky UVA/UVB rays when you've got full shade in the form of an oversized umbrella.

What Patio Umbrella Styles Can I Buy?

Cover your deck or outfit your patio in a style that matches your landscaping, outdoor furniture and outdoor accessories. Here are a few different options you can use when shopping for an outdoor umbrella:

  • Shop for understated umbrellas that won't clash with your outdoor furniture. Neutral tones like cream, sand and tan work well on almost any patio.
  • Add color to your patio or backyard area with bright umbrellas. Go for fun colors like red, blue, lime green, coral and more. Match your new umbrella to existing upholstery or choose a contrasting color to add visual interest to your patio or backyard space.
  • Look for patio umbrellas with stands. Natural wood look and metal stands help you tailor your style to your existing outdoor furniture and decorative elements.

Enjoy your outdoor spaces more with a sturdy umbrella that complements your outdoor furniture. Bold and bright or basic and subdued, we have the styles you want in myriad sizes for any backyard or patio. You can also find an assortment of rugs to beautify your outdoor spaces.