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All Bath Linens: Color, Texture and Sizes

If you're looking for a quick way to upgrade your bathroom, shop all bath linens at west elm to discover new colors, textures and sizes that make your daily rituals all the more comfortable. Selections range from classic bath towels and sheets to hand towels or floor mats for a whole-bathroom look that remains aesthetically harmonious while keeping you feeling cozy and dry. These towels come in a variety of options. Look for thick ripping to whisk away water. Try cutting-edge fabrics for some of the quickest drying possible or treat yourself to a bathmat with upscale woven texture. Trading up your linens in the bathroom is one of the simplest ways to transform the atmosphere in a room you use all the time. Start browsing all bath linens now to see which you should bring home today.

Bath Linens to Shop Now

Discover new bath linen choices, so that your bathroom always feels fresh and on-trend. Start with the essentials that every home needs and continue to explore the looks you love best.

  • First, check out basic bath towels. These are the towels that everyone stacks in their linen closet or bathroom cabinet. Keep a couple folded and hung over a towel bar and let them dry on hooks in between uses. In most homes, anywhere from six to 24 towels is the right amount.
  • For a more luxurious feel, upgrade your bath towels to bath sheets. These sheets are oversized towels let you feel ensconced in the softness of your selection.
  • Keep a stack of hand towels nearby for drying hands after washing, wiping down your sink or other needs as you see fit.
  • A floor mat is another basic. Place one in front of your shower or tub and another in front of your sink. In larger bathrooms you may want to place one near the toilet, as well.
  • To complete your set, check out shower curtains to match all bath linens. By carrying a pattern or color across the room, you showcase your good taste.

New Towel Textures and Styles

Explore all bath linens to see which textures and styles are your favorite. These towels feel amazing against your skin and come in a variety of options that allow you to mix-and-match for different times of day. Check out ribbed, Fibrosoft fabric, organic cotton and other choices.

To see more of what's new, consult the new towel guide for up-to-the-moment advice on top-notch picks.