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Patterned Curtains and Drapes Deliver Endless Style

Control the amount of light entering a room while making a bold style statement with patterned curtains and drapes. Window coverings aren't just functional; they are also a great way to introduce color and pattern to a room. The wide selection of draperies and curtains available at west elm makes it easy to find a set that will elevate your existing decor.

Choosing The Best Curtains For The Space

Picking the ideal curtains for a space can seem daunting. It is easy to weed out what won't work when you take a couple of key factors into consideration:

Match A Color Scheme

Take stock of the space and pick a patterned curtain that features the same color tones and overall theme as the rest of the space. Curtains are an opportunity to have a little fun. The wall color and furnishings in the area all play a role in choosing a curtain pattern. Keep things neutral for a timeless elegance. When you want to have a little more fun, choose a bright color that will make the curtains an eye-catching statement.

Consider Light Allowance

Different materials allow different amounts of light to shine through. Take the construction of the curtain into consideration when deciding which curtains make the best choice for the space. Some can even be layered. Choose a double rod and place a layer of sheers inside a layer of opaque blinds. For something in between, select semi-sheer drapes.

Measure Length

Ceiling height and window height play a big role in which length is best for your window. Measure from the rod to the floor. The rod can be hung directly above the window for a classic look or extend the rod the whole way to the ceiling to make the whole room appear taller.


Some curtains are sold as single panels. Others are sold as a pair. Make sure to take note of the number of panels when making your selections. Two panels are recommended for most standard windows. Wide spaces, such as sliding glass doors or bay windows may call for additional panels to provide adequate coverage.

Browse the entire collection of patterned curtains and drapes available at west elm to find the right one for your space. Keep the look continuous throughout an open concept home or change the drapes from room to room to help delineate the spaces. With so many different options available, it is easy to find a style you love at a price that works within your budget. Keep the look going on the deck or patio by adding outdoor curtains in that living area as well.