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Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are one of the most versatile window treatments because they offer a host of functions and design options. As opposed to blackout curtains, sheer curtains are light and airy and allow light into a room instead of blocking it out. You can use these versatile window treatments from us at west elm on their own, or in combination with curtains and blinds. Depending on your existing decor, your sheer curtains can serve to establish your color palette in a room. Because sheer curtains lets light into a room, you can likewise use colors to play with the light and mood in a room.

Sheer Curtain Materials

Our sheer curtain offerings come in a variety of materials along with different patterns, colors and designs. Cotton is among the most common sheer curtain material and this material along with relatively thicker gauze fabric and linen give-off a romantic and sophisticated look. Polyester sheer curtains, on the other hand, tend to have bolder and stronger patterns, so you can choose between an ornate and glamorous effect, or choose a more playful, light-hearted design. Silk is another option that offers a luxurious look. Lace is your material of choice if you want to establish a rustic mood while a cotton blend can flow and gather in a pleasant way.

How To Choose Sheer Curtains

Choosing sheer curtains is not much different from choosing window panels, wherein you consider the look that you want the sheer curtains to give a room, their function, the amount of air and light that you want to let into the room and, perhaps most importantly, the size of the curtain in relation to the size of your window. Color is another important consideration when choosing sheer curtains because you want it to complement the existing decor in a room and not overwhelm it.

As for function, sheer curtains generally allow more light and air into a room while giving you privacy. The amount of light and privacy that you want, therefore, should guide you in choosing the right type of sheer curtain material. Depending on how you want the sheer curtains to hang on your window, their width should be three times as wide as the curtain if you plan to drape them, or 2" to 3" wider if you want to have a more tailored look.

Shifting to sheer curtains can dramatically change the look and mood in a room. Switching to a sheer curtain treatment with a different pattern, design or color can instantly add life and make the other decor in the room pop. Following these helpful tips when choosing from our offerings can help you select sheer curtains that are just right for you.