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Velvet Curtains

When it comes to decor, a useful and noticeable attribute to add to any room is your window treatment. Whether you opt for sheer curtains that offer a bit of romantic opulence, or you want solid blackout curtains to protect you and your family’s privacy, window treatments are not only functional, but decorative. Here at west elm, we have myriad of options when it comes to your window treatments and curtains, offering everything from crisp linen to the ultimate in luxury with velvet curtains.

Velvet: The Basics

The term “velvet” doesn’t actually refer to a specific type of material, such as cotton, linen or polyester. The term velvet has more to do with the way that the material was created. Velvet is procured on a special loom that offers an overall pile effect. The end product of velvet is soft and luxurious, and it looks wonderful when it comes to your window treatments. Velvet can either be made out of synthetic or natural fibers, so when environmentally and eco-friendly choices are a must, velvet is still a viable option.

Velvet can also be either thick or sheer, so there are many options when it comes to outfitting your windows. Opt for a Belgian flax linen velvet curtain if you want a sheer look for your curtain, which is often the perfect choice for a living room or family room. If your goal is to block out UV rays, so as to protect your furniture and floors, or if you’re outfitting a room that requires more privacy, choose a thicker option, such as a worn velvet curtain, which adds ample protection while showcasing a bit of shabby chic.

Choosing Hues

When it comes to color matching and decor in the room you’re polishing up, think about the size of the room as you consider your curtains. Dark, solid colors can help make a large room feel more cozy and quaint, while lighter or neutral colors offer you the opportunity to make a small room look larger. Also, velvet is not just limited to solid colors and can come in patterns. Look for a bold, patterned velvet curtain to match with a neutral rug, or a bright, oriental rug to match with a beige or off-white-colored curtain. Contrast stripes and color blocks are two more offerings when it comes to the wide selection of velvet curtains.

Add an extra touch of luxury to your space with velvet fabrics. Their soft, silky texture bring opulence wherever you use them, from the bedroom to the living room and beyond.