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Enhance Your Space with Solid Color Curtains

Simple window treatments can have a big impact on your room design. Give your windows a finishing touch by choosing curtains that coordinate with your space. Solid color curtains, available in a range of hues from West Elm, are easy to work into any space, whether you have a vibrantly designed room or a sleek, neutral one. You can carry the neutral look throughout your space with plain curtains or you can infuse your room with color with bright ones. Learn more about the curtains available in this West Elm collection.

Enjoy durable window treatments from West Elm

The solid color curtains in this West Elm collection are designed with durability in mind. As you shop for new window treatments for your home, consider what material you prefer. You can find plain curtains crafted of Belgian flax linen, an opaque fabric that enhances privacy by blocking out light. Other curtains in this collection feature other opaque, privacy-enhancing materials like cotton canvas.

For a supremely luxurious touch, opt for a 100% polyester velvet curtain. The thick fabric blocks out light, and the curtain's heavy weight lends a touch of elegance that instantly upgrades your room. For added intrigue, consider a Jacquard curtain, crafted of a polyester-cotton blend, that features a softly textured ripple effect that elevates the window treatment.

Finally, this collection also includes curtains designed for use outdoors. They're crafted of 100% Sunbrella® Cast acrylic fabric, which is supremely durable. These water-repellent curtains resist fading, mildew and chlorine, making them a perfect addition to your outdoor spaces. Pair any of these curtains with window hardware from West Elm for a seamless installation.

Colors and styles

In addition to having plenty of materials to select from, this collection also includes curtains in a range of hues. As a result, you'll be able to style your space with a window treatment that perfectly complements your room design.

To begin, consider incorporating neutral curtains into your space. You can find plain curtains in hues like white, ivory, taupe and stone gray. Or, add subtle color by choosing a dusty blush curtain that elevates the look of your room. For a bolder statement, consider a metallic curtain, one available in shades like platinum or metal.

Vibrant hues draw the eye to the window, making it a focal point in your space. Enhance your room decor by choosing colorful plain curtains available in shades like regal blue, dark amber, olive, pink grapefruit and sand yellow. Finally, some solid color curtains feature simple accents that further enhance their look. You can find styles with an embroidered stripe or pattern, lending subtle intrigue to the curtain.

Solid color curtains come in an array of materials, colors and styles, giving you many ways to enhance your home. When choosing a window treatment, consider the other colors and patterns incorporated in your space on furniture, area rugs and accent pillows. With your room as your inspiration, you'll find a West Elm plain curtain that's perfect for your home.