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Throw Blankets to Soften Your Space

Give your home the soft touch you deserve when you decorate with throw blankets. These cozy covers are slightly smaller than a traditional blanket so that you enjoy a variety of uses for them. Place one over your lap or wrap it around your shoulders while relaxing. Fold them to drape over furnishings like a sofa or armchair. In a bedroom or guest room, they make great coverlets or additional layers over other bedding. Check out the wide variety of sizes, colors and textures of throw blankets available at west elm right now to start outfitting your home with these inviting accents.

Incredible Textures for Your Throw Blankets

The main appeal of throw blankets is texture. Since these blankets are made for relaxing, lounging or decorating, their texture is often exceptionally soft and touchable. Even if yours are used as decor most days, adding new texture over the arm of living room seating or a bedroom bench creates depth and dimension.

  • Faux fur throws welcome curling up with a good book or diving into your favorite show. Look for richly patterned styles, like a luxurious faux chinchilla look.
  • Corded throws feature rows of raised texture over a strong knit blanket. Explore ridges that are tonal for the maximum in sophistication.
  • Waffle weaves impart a more casual atmosphere, but are just as appealing as other textures. Admire a bold check weave that gives your throw blankets a squared-off pattern.
  • Chenille has always been a classic material for throws. Discover new styles with modern colors and clean edges.

Curating a Collection of Blankets

To curate your collection of throws, start by selecting which rooms or furnishings could use some softer corners or nooks. Then, move onto choosing your colors and textures.

  • In living rooms, many people like to add a throw to the back of a sofa or the arm of a wingback or other occasional chair. Pick a style that showcases the furniture where you intend to drape the blanket.
  • For the bedroom, make a choice that complements your duvet covers or other bedding. If you have a bench or pouf, this is a perfect place for a throw.
  • Select several blankets that you can use across all seasons, plus a few that are made for right now. Use your throws to ensure your decor always looks modern and on-trend.

Play with the colors you select to embellish your home even more. Throws are an easy way to experiment with a new hue or texture for a space that's always stylish.