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Style Your Space With Lanterns & Candle Holders 

Deliver a delicate glow and romantic touch to any room in your home when you shop for lanterns and candle holders from West Elm. Exceptional materials and thoughtful designs make these modern accents a fun addition to any vignette in your home. Use them to style an entry table, create a bold centerpiece in a dining room or deliver new textures to a living room.

Choosing Your Lanterns & Candle Holders

With such an array of options available to you, discovering the one you'll choose really comes down to considering a few aspects of each design, such as:

  • Item: First, determine whether you'd prefer a candlestick or lantern. Lanterns house a candle inside of them while candlesticks elevate a candle.
  • Design: Next, check out the overall design style of each one, considering how it will pair with the other accents you already have and love within the room. You want to make sure all your accessories coordinate with the overarching design style of the home.
  • Material: Once you find a couple of items that catch your eye, take a closer look at the materials used to craft the item. Metal, porcelain, ceramic and glass are just a few of the many options you'll see as you shop.
  • Size: Finally, it's important that the accessories you choose are sized appropriately for the space you have. Take the dimensions of the items and compare them to measurements you take of the space to ensure a great fit.

The lanterns and candle holders you choose wouldn't be complete without a few candles to go with them. Make sure to complete the look with pillar candles, tapers, tea lights and all the little things you need. West Elm is also a great source for decorative accents to complete your vignette, such as decorative trays, vases, picture frames and more.