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Accent Home Furnishings With Throw Pillows

Decorative pillows add a layer of comfort and style to your furniture. Whether they're accenting the corners of your  sofa or loveseat or adding a plush touch to your bed, these pillows prove versatile throughout the home. In addition to the color or pattern they can add to your space, they can also create an inviting spot to relax after a long day. Discover how to decorate your space with these accessories.

1. Choose from Different Shapes and Sizes

Select from decorative pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes for a custom fit for your furniture. Many of these pillows come in traditional square shapes, making them ideal for display on sofas, chairs or beds. Rectangular pillows add variety to your throw pillow collection. Display them in front of larger coordinating square pillows. Round pillows are also available and are simple to incorporate into arrangements with other pillows. When selecting a pillow size, consider the size of your furniture and your existing pillow collection.

2. Explore Colors and Patterns

Whether you adore neutrals or desire a pop of color, west elm's decorative pillows have something that suits your home. Explore modern designs featuring vibrant abstract and color-blocked patterns. Watercolor-inspired pillows look like a work of art in your room. Check out patterns you love, from stripes and plaid to modern geometric designs. Or, add a classic solid-hued pillow to your furniture for a simple look.

3. Incorporate Textures

Throw pillows add more than just color to your decor. They can also add texture. Velvet pillows add a soft, supple touch to your furniture. Hand-looped wool pillows are extra plush. Choose from silk, faux fur and even pom-pom textures to add dimension to your pillow display.

Adding a throw pillow to your sofa, armchair or bed is a simple transformation that delivers a significant impact. Find a style that coordinates with your favorite throw blanket. Give your room a new look with the addition of throw pillows from west elm.