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A Look at All Plants & Flowers at West Elm

Refresh your space with something from the all plants & flowers category at West Elm. There are faux and real plants from which to choose, along with decorative wreaths, grow kits and gardening essentials. You'll also find plenty of vases and containers for a stylish display.

Shopping the all plants & flowers section

Consider the look you want to achieve when shopping for plants and flowers at West Elm, or simply browse the selection and see what appeals to you. If you want to make a stylish impact in the living room, place an artificial Monstera or rubber tree in the corner of the room. There are smaller faux plants for tables and shelves, including potted succulents in multiple styles.

Another option is to create your own arrangement with branches, bouquets and bundles. There are dried flax and avena branches, along with dried lavender stems and white canary grass. When it comes to faux stems and grasses, choose from offerings such as faux gingko and berry branches. There's also faux foliage including fan palm and Calla lily leaves.

Impart color to the room with a faux bouquet. West Elm has bouquets and bundles of all kinds, including a faux poppy bouquet and one featuring faux ranunculus flowers in full bloom. Another idea for the home is a faux hyacinth in an elegant vase; the generous size makes it a stunning centerpiece for the dining table or coffee table.

If modern is your preference, display dried orb moss in a glass container. You could also opt for dried lotus pods in a decorative vase. Even a single grapewood branch placed on the mantel can impart contemporary style to the space. When putting together a modern floral arrangement, keep it simple and choose a streamlined vase for a sleek, understated look.

When it comes to wreaths, there are multiple styles available. Options include dried herbal wreaths, such as savory and marjoram. There are summery wreaths featuring dried seasonal flowers, along with holiday inspired choices adorned with pinecones and berries. Some are designed for indoor use, while others are suitable for hanging on the front door.  

Creating a collection of plants and flowers

The all plants & flowers section of West Elm is a great place to start when creating your own collection of plants and flowers. You could start by collecting a certain type of plant, such as faux succulents. Or you could simply choose the plants and flowers that pique your interest or match your decor. Indulge your green thumb by growing your own with a kit from Modern Sprout. Whether you go for real or faux, the addition of greenery to your home can impart a fresh, welcoming ambiance.