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Elevate Your Home's Style with Decorative Accessories

Make a bold statement in every room with decorative accessories. By selecting beautiful, artistic objects, you can bring color, light and style to every corner. Complement your furniture with accents that show off the textures and silhouettes of your spaces.


Select The Right Accessories for Your Home

You can make a big impact with simple choices. The same way that you would select any home accessories, pick your decorative accents based on personal taste and what you already own.

  • Modern objects, like crystal clear statue artworks, look gorgeous in modern homes with lots of clean lines and gleaming surfaces. They can also dress up a room full of dark woods or other deep hues.
  • Knots, ribbons and other abstract or geometric pieces add visual whimsy to surfaces, like shelves or side tables. Place curious shapes by table lamps so guests can admire their complexity while sitting to visit.
  • Figurative art inspired by nature creates a lighthearted, yet earthy feel in your home. Look for bright colors or interesting takes on traditional figures to embellish your rooms.

How to Place Decorative Accents

Place your decorative accessories so that they get the attention they deserve. An ideal location for any art object allows space around it so that you can see it from most or every angle.

Be sure to place accents in a way that lets the surrounding furnishings look their best, too.

  • Doll up a functional entryway with cubes, towers or bookends.
  • The living room is the perfect place to scatter art objects. Create centerpieces on coffee tables or credenzas.
  • Dining rooms become modern when you intersperse decorative accessories throughout your china or flatware storage pieces.
  • Your bedroom or a guest room gets a splash of personality with curated decorative objects in window sills or on bedside tables.

Choose Decorative Accessories with A Purpose

If you're the form-follows-function type, look for decorative accessories that do double duty in your home.

  • Trinket dishes hold rings or earrings during toilette routines or when it's time for bed.
  • Jewelry holders, like branch or tree styles, look like incredible sculptural art, but keep necklaces and other jewels ready for wear.
  • Bookends can hold up hardcover or softcover books, magazines or cookbooks.

Give Decorative Artworks as Gifts

Decorative accessories make wonderful gifts, too. You can safely assume that if you love an accent, friends with similar tastes will love it, too. You can even pick up two of a piece so that you each have one as a testament to your friendship.