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Whether for functional or decorative purposes, your home benefits from having mirrors throughout. Consider floor mirrors mounted wall mirrors, ones that tilt, multipurpose mirrors, large mirrors, small artisan ones, circle mirrors, square mirrors or asymmetrical designs. There’s no end of styles and design choices we offer at west elm so be rest assured that we have exactly what you’re looking for to fill any space.

Mirrors are known to open up a room as they reflect natural light. This is particularly useful in a small room as the room appears to be larger in size. Place your mirror opposite a window when possible to bring the outdoors inside. One trick in a room that has fairly dark decor is to put lighting near a mirror, which not only makes the space appear to be much bigger but also creates a focal point in the room. Try sconces mounted on either side of a mirror, a stylish floor lamp next to a mirror or a unique chandelier nearby. Dining room lighting, as an example, works well with mirrors to enhance the ambience when entertaining. Mirror frames made from capiz shells shimmer delicately in the light while herringbone designs stand out against the wall. Look at our mid-century lamps to get more ideas.

A mirror hanging in an entryway makes the space seem bigger and more welcoming and also acts as a handy storage area when equipped with hooks or a drawer underneath. Hang coats and bags on the hooks and place your keys and other essentials in the drawer. Check out your appearance on the way in and out.

A floor mirror in your bedroom lets you see how an outfit looks from every angle and in full. Instead of a floor mirror, opt for one on a stand that tilts to reflect the light and get a better angle. Applying makeup is easy with a vanity mirror. A mirror that incorporates hidden storage is a terrific way to keep your jewelry safe and secure.

Mirrors are a popular choice for decor as well as for their practical use. Go for a frameless design or choose a frame that complements the surrounding decor. Wood adds warmth to a room, bronze and antique brass have a traditional look and silver is modern. Faceted frames throw out light from different angles. This is highly useful when placed near dining room lighting, such as one of our mid-century lamps, as it catches the light and reflects the pattern onto the wall and surrounding furniture. Many mirrors are designed as forms of artwork, such as overlapping squares or diamonds, a multi-circle mirror or smoked and frosted patterns.

When you have a space in your home in mind, choose the size and shape mirror you need then consider whether you need it to simply be functional or decorative. Once the main decisions are made, enjoy browsing through our collection of mirrors to choose your favorite design.