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Wall Mirrors

Though they serve a practical purpose, when it comes to wall decor and room layout, it can be helpful to think of wall mirrors as a work of art. west elm’s wall mirrors are available in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes, some of which are more utilitarian than others. If you want to set up a generously proportioned mirror by your front door so you can check your hair one last time before leaving the house, you have several options to choose from. And if you want mirrors with more of a decorative focus so you can add some brightness and shine to a room, you have options for that, too. This versatile collection offers you the chance to embrace wall mirrors for their form and their function.

For more practical applications, such as placing a mirror over a vanity table or replacing a less-than-stylish mirror over the sink in your bathroom, focus on wall mirrors that are large and have a uniform shape. This could mean choosing a mirror in circle, square or rectangular shapes that are large enough to allow an adequate view of your face. Many of our wall mirrors are quite generously proportioned, making this an easy prospect. Though your wall mirror may be destined for a utilitarian purpose, you can still embrace good style by choosing one of our ornately framed or subtly embellished styles.

These larger mirrors are great candidates for hanging near a wall hook in your bedroom or entryway so you can have an easy way to style jewelry, scarves and hats without having to guess whether what you’re putting on looks good. Because we offer such a generous selection in both categories, it should be easy for you to find a mirror and a hook or set of hooks that look great together and match with your other decor.

These large wall mirrors can also function as an anchor for a gallery wall, allowing you to arrange other decorative pieces around the mirror for added effect. However, if you have other pieces, say a large painting or photograph, that you’d rather have as the focal point for a gallery wall, you can still incorporate some mirrors thanks to the range of small, decorative mirrored pieces we offer. Our smaller mirrors come in groups of similarly designed pieces for a cohesive collection, or they stand alone. Either way, you have plenty of options for adding a reflective surface to an empty space that needs a bit of embellishment.

We offer some textured and dimensional wall mirrors that present a reflective surface that adds shine while presenting a distorted reflection. These mirrors are perfect for bedroom decor, allowing you to reflect light from a lamp or window without giving yourself a mirror image to stare at. Of course, such accurate reflections may be desirable, and we have wall mirror options that can fit that need as well. From faceted and sculptural mirrored pieces to straightforward flat, reflective mirrors, our collection of mirrors offers several different approaches to the wall mirror that can enhance your decor and make your home more functional.

Whether you choose a large, ornately framed mirror to go over the mantelpiece in your living room, or you opt for a cluster of small, faceted decorative mirrors to brighten a dark hallway, wall mirrors are a versatile way of adding glamour and utility to your home. Take advantage of all the great design possibilities these decorative pieces offer by perusing our offerings and seeing what appeals to you most. Don’t hesitate to brainstorm new ways to incorporate wall mirrors into your decor arrangement.