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Shop Modern Wallpaper for Your Home

Wallpaper used to be the domain of traditional homes where flower prints and paisley, pastel colors ruled the roost. Today, you can find tons of modern wallpaper styles that fit your contemporary color scheme at west elm.

What is Modern Wallpaper?

Created to accentuate your furniture choices and overall design style, modern wallpaper brings texture, color and sophisticated style to any room. At west elm, you'll find a variety of styles to fit transitional spaces and more modern options to go in your ultra-contemporary rooms.

What Options Can I Find?

Wallpaper can do wonders tying your whole room together. It can also be your guide when you're getting ready for a major redesign. Here are a few styles you can find at west elm:

  • Textured styles. Not every space needs a big swath of bright color. Look for neutral textures in colors like cream, gray or sand to add visual interest to your room without taking attention away from your furniture, rugs or artwork.
  • Geometric patterns. Stripes, color blocks and various other shapes add serious depth to your walls. Look for monochromatic options or colors that pair perfectly with your existing decor.
  • Fun, whimsical styles. Ideal for a den or even a child's room, whimsical wallpaper styles feature zoo animals, nature scenes and more.
  • Temporary wallpaper and decals. Ideal for apartments or kids' spaces, temporary wallpaper and decals can add style and color without being permanently installed.

Add texture to your walls by choosing a subdued style or make a major statement with bold, bright colors and patterned prints. Shop west elm for stylish wallpaper and an assortment of decorative accessories like pillows, throws and more.