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Dimensional Art

The art you select for your home says a lot about you. It indicates your style, your preferences and even your favorite colors. While this kind of statement can be useful for presenting yourself at your best for houseguests, ultimately, your opinion is what matters most. west elm’s dimensional art selections may be right up your alley. From 3-D wall sculptures to framed paper art and textured wall hangings, our dimensional art collection is carefully curated to offer the most modern, chic take on home decor. You can make a strong statement in monochrome or vivid color thanks to our wide variety of options in this category.

When it comes to wall decor, having more options to choose from can be a blessing. Not only do you get to shop through and consider more options, you can also pick and choose the perfect elements to accurately encapsulate your design priorities. Dimensional art can be dramatic and create a lot of depth and interest on a wall. It can also be more restrained, offering just a bit of depth and textural variety to catch a discerning eye. The route you choose is entirely up to you. You can even pull a little from both columns to create additional variety.

Dimensional art is a great choice for blending with 2-D art pieces such as prints or photographs. You can use a small piece of dimensional art to add a dash of texture to a gallery wall, or you can use a larger piece to anchor a statement wall in a room that is otherwise free from adornment or gently decorated with a few simple prints or photos. We offer plenty of options in different sizes and shapes to make this possible, including some small collections of coordinating dimensional art pieces with a few unifying elements and individual variations.

Our collection of dimensional art includes wall hangings that you may want to use in your bedroom for an added sense of coziness. From woven or braided textile pieces to geometric hanging sculptures, our wall hangings allow you to embrace the foundational concepts behind dimensional art while integrating a thoroughly modern sense of proportion, color and shape. If you prefer a tranquil, minimalistic decor approach, a simple dimensional wall hanging can make a huge impact without taking up a lot of room or adding too much detail to the space.

While our dimensional art collection focuses heavily on the use of abstract and geometric compositions, there are some representational options available, including hip, monochrome faux animal trophies that allow you to embrace the classic look of a hunting lodge in a much more humane and polished way. If abstraction truly has your heart, though, we have plenty of options in that realm, too, from symmetrical repeating shapes to expressive, free-form compositions that feel both playful and stylish.

Among the other options we offer in this category are handmade items from skilled artisans and craftsmen and women all over the world. We work with nonprofit agencies such as Caribbean Craft to bring you dimension art options from Haitian paper artists, and we also seek out talented creatives at home to bring you art from up-and-coming studios that you might otherwise not have access to. With so many options at your disposal, you should have no problem finding something that will bring you joy every day and give the added bonus of lending an air of sophistication and chic sensibility to your home. With its daring dimensions and fascinating textures, this art collection allows you to set your decor apart while keeping it tied to foundational ideas of good design.