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Adorn Your Walls With Gorgeous Paintings From west elm

You've moved into a great new home, or you're knee-deep in redecorating your existing place. You're shopping for all the right furnishings, such as a sofa, side tables, chairs, consoles and the like. Next up are decorative objects and home accents to adorn your surroundings, such as a few great pieces of wall art. Look no further than west elm for a vast and varied selection of paintings that will be sure to fit into any style of decor, or provide design direction for where you want to go next. From nature-inspired landscapes to abstract art and watercolors of all kinds, we've got something for everyone. Read on to discover all the styles and designs we have to offer and what works for you.

Why You Should Decorate With Paintings

There's no doubt that having a painting or two on your walls adds dimension and character to a room. Even if walls are painted in a bright or bold hue, adding a painting in the same color family gives your space even more texture and warmth. And of course, anything goes against white. The selection of paintings offered at west elm are of the colorful and vibrant sort, ranging from simple geometric designs to more intricate abstract art pieces that'll lend some serious eye-grabbing appeal to the room.

Designs and Styles

Here's just a sneak peek of the kinds of paintings available right now:

  • Nature-inspired. From galloping palominos to crashing waves to horizons, sunbursts and dreamy clouds, we've got a ton of nature-inspired scenes for your viewing pleasure. Decked out in bright and bold hues, these art pieces lend a natural vibe to any room and make a perfect complement to an overall nature theme throughout the home.
  • Abstract. Straight from the Picasso playbook, our Maker's Studio line boasts an eclectic assortment of asymmetrical-style wall decor depicting close-ups, pottery stills, landscapes, art deco and more against bold backgrounds. Pair with an arresting wall color or just plain eggshell.
  • Geometric. Linear multi-toned thick stripes, eight-sided octagons, capsules, diamond shapes and asymmetrical lines all make up a decent offering of geometric-styled pieces that bring bold movement and texture to any space, from entryways to bathrooms, dining areas and beyond.

There's More Where That Came From

If you're looking for more ways to add eye-catching appeal to your home, check out our full line of indoor botanicals, vases, lanterns, wall hangings, decorative mirrors and more that offer individual ways to brighten up or lend a mellow vibe to your space. Shop west elm today for the best-of-the-best in home furnishings and decor.