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Home Accessories Sale

Fill in those empty spots in your home that are calling for decoration with our home accessories sale items that jazz up any living room, family room or bedroom area. Grab one of the decorative boxes we offer at west elm to plant on any counter space to safely hold small items, such as on your home office work desk, to keep your collection of USB sticks in one place or on the front entryway table to hold your car keys.


With the popularity of reading books electronically and fewer books displayed around the home; put a spotlight on your handful of favorites with abstract bookends. Exhibit your prized books on the fireplace mantel for all to see and surround them with bookends that match your brass hearth tools and remind you of small sculptures. Keep with the sculptural theme and add some glimmer to your family room coffee table and a lovely amber scent to the area with a candle that displays a unique shape that is reminiscent of something you may see in an art gallery.


Add a little life to your bathroom with a small planter shaped like an animal. Place of these small earthenware plant holders on your bathroom shelf or toilet tank and make it home to your favorite succulent. Put down a matching hand towel under the ceramic planter and bring some color into the space or match it with your current rug and towel decor. Bring out the shades sprinkled throughout your bedroom decor with colored glass vases influenced by the 1960s or have a European flair. The funky shapes liven up your dresser, desk and bedside table, giving others something to talk about when they visit this room.


Gift your worker bee friend with a desk organizer set in a favorite color that provides a home for pens, pencils, notebooks and other office accessories as well as a matching tape dispenser and stapler. This may also be the perfect set to give to a young person to keep in the arts and crafts room.


If jewelry organization is a priority, then a jewelry box fits the bill. For someone who owns a lot of bling, a box with a top tray that features a special holder just for rings and earrings and a couple of drawers that store necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry, gives you a suitable dwelling for all your body trinkets. This box enhances the space as it matches your leather bed frame and headboard and leather chaise.