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Styling Rooms with Modern Rugs

Define any space in your home while adding a layer of plush comfort with modern rugs from West Elm. Geometric patterns, neutral color tones and abstract artwork are just a few of the common elements that repeat throughout this collection. Use them to make an entryway more inviting, define a living area or create cozy texture beneath a bed frame.

Narrowing In on the Best Area Rugs

With so many different modern rugs available at West Elm, it can seem daunting to choose just one. Narrow down the selection until you find the ideal area rug for the space by looking at a couple of key factors.

Consider Pattern and Color Scheme: Modern rugs make an instant statement in any room they decorate. Make sure they are saying the right thing by considering the overall design style of the home and any existing color scheme. Choose a rug that blends in for an unobtrusive look or bring in a pop of color to make it a focal point of the space.

Consider Size: Before starting the shopping process, take a few minutes to evaluate the needs of the space and measure the area. A narrow foyer will need a different size rug than a spacious living room or master bedroom.

Look at Material Content: Cotton, polyester, nylon and wool area rugs are all great options. The material of the rug plays an important role in the overall feel of it beneath your feet. Wool rugs are plush and durable, but they do have a tendency to shed. Nylon, on the other hand, is completely resistant to shedding and holds up to high-traffic areas.

Check Out the Pile: The pile is the term that identifies how thick an area rug is. Rugs with a lower pile are ideal for under doors. Rugs with a thicker pile are plusher beneath the feet. Thick pile rugs can be slightly harder to vacuum.

Topping a wood or tile floor with a modern rug is a fantastic way to make it feel more comfortable and inviting. In an open-concept floor plan, the placement of an area rug in the different spaces can help define a sitting area, dining area and entryway. Check out the complete collection of area rugs available at West Elm to find the one you need for every room of the home. Complete your purchase by getting rug pads, which add extra comfort and help prevent rugs from shifting.