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The Design Appeal of Abstract Rugs

Create a mood in any room in your home with the addition of abstract rugs. These area rugs are designed to include artistic flair that doesn't necessarily follow any particular form. By combining sophisticated colors and freedom of silhouette, your new rug becomes a design statement, while providing a soft feel underfoot. The area rugs available now include all of the sizes you might need for a bedroom, living room, entryway or other space. Rugs are a quick and easy way to transform the aesthetic in your home, so find one today to highlight new furniture, create change in a room you love or define the layout in a loft or other open floor plan.

What Are Abstract Rugs?

Abstract rugs are area rugs that feature designs inspired by abstract art movements. The rugs complement furniture or showcase the dimensions of a room by providing a contrast with flooring.

  • Area rugs are usually made of a looped or piled material. Wool, cotton and man-made rugs are often constructed with these techniques.
  • If you choose a natural fiber rug, it may be knotted, woven or braided, but abstract area rugs usually require a loop or pile construction to show off the design.
  • If you're new to the idea of abstract art, think of canvases with splashes of color or decor with color blocking. The concept is the same, only now you get to enjoy this bold design choice as part of your home accents.
  • Area rugs are almost always placed next to anchor furniture, like a statement sofa, or underneath furniture and accents that carry out a design aesthetic, like round coffee tables or floor lamps.
  • The reason rugs are placed in relation to furniture and accents is so that they can tie together elements of your decor while still showing off your chosen design, especially in the case of a  significant abstract look.

Choosing Your Next Area Rug

Narrow down the choices for your next abstract rug by taking into consideration your room dimensions and the elements you already have. If you're refreshing a room entirely, have fun planning new accents that can go together.

  • Choose the area rug that fits your space the best by measuring the room and choosing a slightly smaller set of dimensions for your rug. Leaving a little space to reveal the room's flooring is part of the look of an area rug.
  • When decorating at floor level, remember to balance the space with ceiling lighting. For example, abstract area rugs could look amazing with brass chandeliers and modern flush-mount lights.
  • Let your rug be the statement piece. With abstract rugs, you get a lot of bold design in a single element. Work it for all it's worth, especially if you already have a lot of modern, minimalist furniture.

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