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Solid Rugs

Having a rug you enjoy accomplishes several different things. First, you’ve now created a focal aspect of a room, particularly a living space, in addition to protecting your flooring. The right rug also adds comfort and padding underneath your feet as you walk. With many different types of solid rugs, including organic and custom-made, west elm has exactly what you need to outfit each room with mid-century and modern flair.

Sometimes you have a particular idea in mind for your room, and there’s nothing really out there that catches your fancy. This can make coming to a decision a bit troublesome. For this reason, we offer a myriad of options when it comes to purchasing a custom rug. Each rug is expressly made and designed to your wishes and parameters, and arrives at your door within 30 days of order. Beyond solid colors, there are many different patterns and style options you can choose from. Choose from abstract, floral or checkered patterns that all offer a distinctively modern and retro feel. Many different size options allow you to outfit everything from your large living room floor, to a child’s bedroom or even a hallway or foyer. Building a custom rug allows you to use your own ideas to decorate your space.

For the environmentally minded, there are also many different types of natural fiber rugs to adorn any room. Let muted beiges and creamy neutrals decorate your floor, adding a warm tone to any room. Made with natural materials such as jute, wool or chenille, many of these rugs are handwoven by talented artists, and come with the FTC (Fair Trade Certified) stamp of approval.

Perhaps you’re going for a certain look in a particular room, such as a bedroom. You may appreciate the vibe that a distressed rug brings to the room. With many different styles, ranging from solid to abstract prints, distressed rugs have a worn, washed-out look that adds a distinctive contemporary style. Available in a range of sizes and colors, distressed rugs work well as area rugs, runner rugs in a hallway or as small rugs in your kitchen or dining area.