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Patterned Rugs

Area rugs are an ideal way to visually optimize space in both large and small rooms as well as add another layer of comfort, color and texture to the overall design. The patterned rugs we offer at west elm compliment any floor plan. In large rooms that already have three or more patterns and colors, solid rugs make an impact with their size, shape and patterns that are integrated through the weave, rather than with additional colors. In rooms where only a few main colors are established in the room’s color scheme, a brightly patterned rug that includes those colors and introduces a new one provides the most dramatic bang for your space while still remaining true to the room’s color palette.

Area rugs can virtually divide spaces without closing them off. As much as open-concept living and soaring cathedral ceilings add a feeling of space to a room, an area rug or runner can provide the anchor these rooms need to make them seem homey and less vast. In contrast, smaller spaces seem bigger by utilizing the flat surfaces of floors and walls to integrate natural fibers, patterns and textures. A patterned area rug underneath a small side table or bistro set can add substance to furniture that would otherwise seem inconsequential. Tables with glass tops almost seem to disappear into the background. However, centering them on a patterned area rug can accentuate both the table itself and the nuances of the rug’s pattern, which spotlights both of them.

Give casual spaces in your home the same attention to detail as the common areas and formal spots with an appropriately casual yet pulled together look of a natural fiber rug. These versatile coverings are made of sustainable materials that are reversible, soft and durable.

Bringing a comfortable style of the indoors outside is easy to do with our stain-resistant and weather-resistant outdoor rugs that are made of 100 percent propylene. Choose one large or a few smaller rugs in different coordinating patterns to extend your living space beyond four walls. You might be surprised how easy a few outdoor rugs under your patio furniture, grill and planters can pull together an organized and relaxing outdoor space, no matter the size. Because these are so stylish yet durable and easy to clean, they can be a terrific choice for inside spaces too, such as underneath the dining room table or in the kids’ playroom.