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Find Fun Moroccan Rugs for Modern Spaces at West Elm

Hardwood flooring, natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile and a range of other flooring options can look great in your home. What they can't do though is help you warm up your space and tie all of your decorative elements like sofas, chairs, window treatments and accessories together. That's what rugs are for!

With Moroccan style rugs from west elm, you can show off your style and create a designer-inspired look for the den, dining room, formal living room or family area. Keep reading to learn more about shopping for unique Moroccan rugs at west elm.

What Moroccan Rugs Can I Find?

The right rug can work wonders for any room in your home. Whether you're looking for a way to add intense color to a room full of neutral furniture or you're going for a more subdued option, Moroccan rugs from west elm will fit the bill. Here are some of the most popular styles you can find in our collection right now:

  • Modern monochromatic and two-tone styles. Modern spaces can always use a pop of color, but in a lot of contemporary homes, that color is provided by wall art or a statement sculpture. Our monochromatic and two-tone Moroccan style rugs are an ideal fit for clean minimalist styles. They'll also work in transitional and vintage-inspired rooms.
  • Geometric print rugs. From diamond shapes to clean lines and textural tri-tone prints, our geometric Moroccan rugs can fit into any room in the house. They're especially stylish in a bold master bedroom, formal living room or open and airy dining room.
  • Ikat rugs. One of the most popular Moroccan-inspired prints of all time, an ikat patterned rug can add visual interest to the floors in any room. Our ikat style rugs come in a range of colors to fit every design scheme.
  • Basic rugs with bold borders. Looking for a rug that combines the simplicity of a solid foreground with the texture and vibe of a more traditional Moroccan look? Our basic rugs with bold borders should be on your short list. They'll help you add visual depth to your room even if you've already got ample prints and patterns in place.

Shop west elm to find Moroccan style rugs in a variety of sizes and color schemes to use throughout your home. You can also find Persian style rugs, distressed rugs, solid rugs and patterned rugs to help you update your floors and your decor.