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6 Ways To Make A Bed

A highly-styled bed gives your bedroom that Pinterest-ready look that makes bedtime your favorite time of day. Layers of carefully curated sheets, duvets, pillows and accents are always inviting. Thinking about jumping under the covers for an early night? You can create a bed worthy of all your dreams with just a few of these inspired tips and design touches from us at West Elm. Making your bed has never been this enticing.

1. Textured Neutrals

Want your bed to look like it belongs in a high-end magazine--only better, because it's yours? Stylists for the most sophisticated rooms pile on the neutrals when it comes to bedding. The key to keeping the style balanced is to select bedding with interesting textures, like linen or fringe. Linen is a beautiful choice for sheets, because the flax fibers can be short for a nubbly texture or longer for a finer weave. Pair your sheets with quilts that show off an elegant smocking or end-of-bed blankets with tassels or fringe, plus a few big, soft pillows with tonal embroidery or other accents.

2. Quilts and Coverlets

Most people use a quilt to dress the end of the bed. The light warmth is a perfect way to keep toes toasty while you roll into REM, but that same easy dose of warmness can replace a bulky duvet, too. Think of layered quilts and coverlets like your favorite sweater sets. Each layer looks great on its own, and you can stay comfortable no matter how hot or cold the room is, but the look gets more polished and "done" as you layer up. Play with your layer order. Fold a coverlet at the bed's foot, over two quilts. Try a quilt over a cozy blanket and match your shams. By tying patterns or solids together with matching pieces, your layers stay looking styled.

3. Match The Bedskirt

It's easy to grab a bedskirt that roughly coordinates with most of your linens, but it's just as easy to make your entire bedroom look like you hired a professional decorator when you match your bedskirt exactly. If you absolutely don't have the time to switch the bedskirt out every time you change your sheets, you can make up for it by selecting a bedskirt that truly coordinates. If you're loving linen this year, get a tailored linen bedskirt in the same texture as your sheets. If you love the smoothness of sateen, select a sateen bedskirt to keep the gleam going from head to foot.

4. Mix Up Your Bedding

If the idea of perfectly matching everything feels like too much, play with pattern and color. Most people make the bed in layers--you still have to do it this way from a practical perspective--but you can take a much looser design approach. Find a duvet cover you love. Don't be afraid of contemporary patterns, like washes of soft color or ombre effects, which can be so relaxing. Then, pick pillowcases or shams that match patches of color from your duvet. Have fun with it. Buy three or four sets of pillowcases so that you can have three pillows in one color and one that stands out. Pile on tons of cushy accent pillows with as many patterns as you want. By making your bed uniquely your own, you'll feel deliciously at home and ready to rest.

5. Focus On The Duvet

For a minimalist approach, take your time selecting the perfect duvet with duvet cover. Keep the rest gloriously simple. That means a bedding wardrobe of solid colors that complement each other in your favorite texture for both the sheets and the shams. Approach your duvet selection with exquisite care. After all, this is your showstopper piece now, the one that will keep you warm and cozy, while making the sole statement for your bed. Maybe an unexpected geometric pattern in classic white-on-white is for you. Maybe you can't help but cozy up with a bold jewel tone or a pretty pastel. You can still make a major visual impact, but actually making the bed in the morning is never easier--just fold the edge of the duvet under the edge of your pillows and go.

6. Double Duvets

If you love one duvet, two can take your bedding to new heights of luxury and comfort. This is an avant-garde design solution for couples who fight over blankets or anyone who lives in a frigid climate. Choose a simple duvet cover, like a stunning white or other neutral, but go easy on the textures or embellishments. When you make the bed, fold each duvet into thirds, so the edges are rounded and loose ends are wrapped underneath. Place each duvet lengthwise where each person sleeps and create cohesiveness with an end-of-bed blanket that you place horizontally by the foot of the bed.

The beauty of each of these looks is that you can mix and match them throughout the week or month. When you have a gorgeous wardrobe of bedding you love, you can play with different textures and layers for the perfect repose and rest for both you and your partner.