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Set the Perfect Table With Dinner Napkins & Napkin Rings

Whether it's a weekday meal or an elegant dinner party, cloth napkins are always the superior choice over disposable napkins. Dinner napkins & napkin rings impart a polished look to the table. Choose from an array of colors and styles to complement your other table linens, dishes and decor. For a finishing touch, place your dinner napkins in napkin rings.

Why Use Cloth Napkins?

Fabric napkins bring a layer of comfort and protection to your table. Other reasons to use cloth napkins include:

  • They are reusable and eco-friendly, unlike disposable paper napkins. Simply wash, dry and reuse.
  • Cloth napkins are thicker and more absorbent than paper napkins, allowing them to soak up drips and spills more efficiently.
  • The fabric is much softer and feels nicer when wiping your mouth or hands.
  • Cloth dinner napkins simply look nicer than their paper counterparts and can also be folded in a variety of interesting ways or placed in napkin rings to further enhance their decorative appeal.

How To Decorate With Dinner Napkins & Napkin Rings

West Elm has a variety of napkins and napkin rings in various colors and prints to coordinate with your dinnerware and table linens. Here are some ways to create a stylish look with dinner napkins:

  • Choose crisp, white napkins to give your table the look of a luxury hotel or upscale restaurant.
  • Use colored napkins to accent the colors in your dinnerware or on your placemats. Get enough to swap out with the changing seasons: use pastels for spring and vibrant colors during summer. Consider rustic hues of brown, orange and yellow in the fall, then transition to cool white and blue for winter.
  • Simple striped or color block dinner napkins add fresh style to modern tables for any event.
  • Cloth napkins with metallic accents are great for holiday parties.

Should You Use Napkin Rings?

Napkin rings are an essential accessory for dinner napkins. They provide an elegant way to display the napkins and come in many different styles. Some of the options for napkin rings include aluminum, stoneware, wood and more. Traditional napkin rings are round, but others are ornate. Some look like winding leaves or a bird. To use a napkin ring, simply roll the napkin lengthwise and tuck it into the ring.

Check out the selection of cloth napkins and decorative napkin rings at West Elm. You can find pieces to dress your table up for special occasions, and those that are great for everyday use.