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Table Linens to Brighten Your Next Meal

Check out new table linens to brighten your tabletop at your next meal. Setting a beautiful table starts with a tablecloth. Once you've placed your dishes and utensils, cloth napkins lend a finishing touch that makes meal times feel special. Even if you're used to throw-away napkins, using a set of thoughtfully chosen linens can become an everyday ritual, or just pull them out when you have guests or a celebration for two at home. Upgrade your table now with gorgeous table linens from west elm.

Curating a Set of Table Linens

Build a collection of eye-catching linens for your home. Start with the basics in colors and patterns you love. Since you switch linens out often to keep them looking clean and fresh, picking up a couple of sets at once keeps your tabletop refined and ready.

  • Choose a couple of tablecloths based on the size and shape of your dining table. It can be fun to select a solid color and a zany pattern to bring some life to your dining room or alcove.
  • Complement your tablecloth choice with a set of napkins. Mix and match solids or get a pattern match going for a curated aesthetic.
  • Placemats lend another layer of harmony to your table linens. You can choose rectangular or circular styles based on your personal preferences.

Adding Design Pops to Your Tabletop

Your table linens can create a new color story for your kitchen or dining room in just a few minutes. Set the table to complement your everyday dinnerware or create an upbeat palette for a party or celebratory dinner.

  • Use cloth napkins to add a surprise dash of color to finish off a sophisticated tabletop. Look for watercolor-inspired designs or bold graphic patterns.
  • Create texture with placemats or tablecloths. Frayed edges, upscale Belgian flax linen or woven straw elements give your home dimension down to the finest details.
  • Get playful with tea towels. These lightweight towels sometimes stay in the kitchen for cleaning or picking up hot things, but they can be used to set out an afternoon coffee service or snack on a tray.

Everyday and Special Occasion Linens

Most people have a few tablecloths they rotate across a week or so. These everyday tablecloths are a great chance to experiment with new designs, colors or textures. If you find something you love, you can shop for matching napkins or placemats. This creates a naturally coordinated linen collection over time. Just start now with a few pieces.

Then, for special occasions, designate a sophisticated linen set that you know will impress company.