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Plan for Three And Four Courses with Dessert Plates

If you've ever wondered how to add a delightful finishing touch to a meal, the dessert course is your chance to have fun. In addition to any fantastic desserts you might create or serve, your dessert plates add whimsy, polish and style to your meal.

Not the dessert type? You can use your dessert plates as salad plates, too.

Mixing and Matching Plates

Most dinnerware sets include a salad or dessert plate as part of a four- or five-piece set. Pick up extras, so you can serve both courses without interrupting the meal to clean.

  • Choose single plates to add to an established collection of place settings.
  • Add dimension to the table with complementary styles.
  • Go rogue with a playful set of dessert plates that lightens the post-meal mood.

Preparing Lots of Small Plates

The trend for small plates or tapas-like servings is here to stay. Create a table full of concentrated flavors and morsel-size portions to share. Complement it with bread on cutting boards.

  • Select between six and eight dessert plates to fill with different recipes.
  • Serve salad on salad plates to cleanse the palette while enjoying richer dishes.
  • Eat from the same size plates you use to serve for a chic tabletop style.
  • Place serving utensils near small plates for sharing, so it's clear where to serve and eat.

Enjoy filling your cabinets and sideboard with high-style salad and dessert plates. You'll definitely make good use of them.