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Set Up Your Kitchen with New Cookware and Bakeware

Treat yourself to a gorgeous set of cookware and bakeware to set up a new home or replace worn pieces you've used for years. If you've already got most of what you need, you can supplement your cookware collection with specialty items like casserole dishes and grill pans.

Curating Your Cookware Sets

How you develop your cookware and bakeware depends largely on your lifestyle.

  • If you're a new grad, newlywed or new home owner, you may want to invest in a 10-piece set.
  • Home chefs should pick up brightly colored casserole dishes in multiple sizes.
  • Indulge in pieces or appliances made for your favorite foods, like a butter warmer for a lobster lover.

Choose A Few Types of Bakeware

To build out your bakeware, consider everyday baking and the baking you do for others -- while entertaining, bringing baked goods to friends or a special dessert for your family.

  • Stock up on lots of clear glass pieces, like loaf pans, cake pans and pie dishes.
  • Select high-design pieces like glazed or ceramic wares to bring to the table.
  • Be sure you have all the kitchen tools or utensils you need for baking, too.

Once you've shopped for all your cookware and bakeware, your next step is to design a special menu for your next dinner. You'll have everything you need for it!