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Shop Essential Kitchen Towels at west elm

Kitchen towels help you clean up spills and dry servingware, dishes and utensils in a hurry. They'll even do double-duty when you need to grab hold of a hot pot or pan and there's no oven mitt in reach. Of course, kitchen towels do more than just the basics. They also add tons of color and style to your kitchen.

Keep reading to learn more about our selection of kitchen and tea towels that you'll love whether you're a gourmet chef or a true microwave enthusiast.

Kitchen Towel Styles

Kitchen and tea towels in basic colors like white, taupe, tan and black are totally functional and do a lot of the heavy lifting if you love to cook. Of course, sometimes you need towels that are just a little bit more decorative to liven up your kitchen. Look to these styles if you're shopping for something less basic and a bit more fun:

  • Whimsical prints and patterns. Animals, abstract and geometric shapes, horoscope-themed options and state prints are just a few of the fun, whimsical prints you can add to your kitchen via tea towels. Find your favorite style or mix-and-match so you can change it up anytime.
  • Culinary-inspired patterns. Apples, oranges, herbs and recipes - you can get it all on a kitchen towel. Add culinary-inspired towels to your chef's kitchen.
  • Monogrammed options. Make every part of your home your own with monogrammed kitchen and tea towels. These also make great gifts for weddings!

Update the look of your kitchen with functional kitchen towels from west elm. You can find a huge selection of cloth napkins to dress up your kitchen or dining table while you're at it.