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Stylish Kitchen Utensils to Get Right Now

Stock your kitchen with beautiful kitchen utensils, tools and accessories. At west elm, you can check out updated versions of essentials, plus all the newest and trendiest takes on gadgets, accents and other housewares. Elevate your serving pieces, grab a set of tools to keep you perfecting your baking or get ready to fire up the grill with this fine selection. With choices ranging from wood to metallic to glass, these kitchen utensils afford you more than just the expansion of your culinary repertoire. They also look chic enough to leave out between uses.

Selecting New Kitchen Wares

Deciding which kitchen utensils to get is easy. Look for pieces that broaden your collection of cookware tools, anything that inspires you to try new recipes or the ones that solidify your decor.

  • If you've been experimenting with texture in your cooking, pick out a mortar and pestle. These small bowls with a wooden tool let you grind your own spices, muddle fruit for yogurt bowls or cocktails and make amazing guacamole.
  • Have fun with decor statements that serve a purpose. Look for a salt cellar made of wood, copper or other high-end materials to keep a sprinkle on the table at all times in the most stylish way.
  • Grab new bottle openers to stash around the house, so you always have one handy. Almost everyone could use one for the kitchen, one for a living room or other entertaining area and a style for the patio.

What's New in Kitchen Accessories & Tools

Take a moment to admire the genius of modern design with new kitchen accessories & tools. These kitchen utensils are creative takes on your beloved favorites. They look great in your home and make fantastic gifts for loved ones.

  • Enjoy the sinuous twist of a ceramic trivet that still holds pots, pans, casserole dishes and other tableware at level.
  • Add touches of copper, reactive glaze finishes and dark wood in unexpected places, like measuring cups, spoon rests, grill tools and more.
  • Get meta with kitchen utensils and tools that are imprinted with their own labels. Make it easy to find oil, vinegar and different-sized bowls at a glance when things are really cooking.

Expanding Your Culinary Skills

Some of the best kitchen utensils to select are the ones that encourage and empower you to try new things. If you've always wanted to make a soufflé, treat yourself to a set of ramekins. Make your own salad dressings with bottle sets.