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Elevating Your Serveware with Tiered Trays & Servers

Bring drama and elegance to your next brunch or buffet when you create a tabletop full of tiered trays & servers. The height these serving pieces lend always looks incredible. Use different heights and circumferences to showcase all the gourmet treats you're sharing with friends and family or line an area with several matching pieces. These serving trays are perfect for more than just parties, though. Check out what happens when you arrange your favorite snacks or finger foods on them for you and your family. Tiered trays & servers make casual meals and special occasions alike feel like wonderful chances to spend time together.

Entertaining with Serving Stands

Throw a party everyone remembers with tiered trays & servers. These sophisticated serving pieces give your tabletop a luxe look, while also making it easy for guests to help themselves to the delectable offerings you provide.

  • For treats that your friends and family just need to pick up and put on a small plate, use a tiered service piece that includes smaller bites on the top tier and larger delicacies, like croissants or muffins, on the bottom tier.
  • To serve cheese or any other appetizers that may require a knife to serve, choose servers that are lower to the ground. A slight pedestal can give the service a more formal look that lets guests know you care about their experience.
  • Cluster your trays and serving platters by the type of food you choose to serve or create spots for serving next to areas where friends can socialize.

Tiered Trays & Servers for a Buffet

If you're hosting a buffet, tiered trays & servers are the perfect solution for sharing a personalized meal with those you love. The trays let guests decide how to fill their own plates, plus they can go back for more any time they choose.

  • Buffets are popular because they offer so much versatility. Dress a buffet table, credenza or console with trays of appetizers to start. Bring out main course offerings or full plates as the event continues, while leaving your tiered trays available for extra noshing.
  • Follow a theme with your serving arrangement. Group pastries on tiered stands, place different types of fruit on footed serving stands and place charcuterie or other snacks on bigger platters.
  • Curate serving pieces that let you showcase a harmonious home style. For instance, choosing consistent materials, like brass, marble and wood, let you mix-and-match, while maintaining consistent decor.

Arranging a gourmet tabletop is a satisfying part of preparing for a party when you have gorgeous tiered trays & servers from west elm.