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Cheese Boards Serving Up Tasty Style

Deliver a lovely presentation of meats and cheeses when you arrange your favorite finger foods on one of the stylish cheese boards available at west elm. From small boards designed for serving a few quick bites to large boards destined to become a charcuterie platter, there's something for every kitchen in this extensive collection.

Wood vs. Marble

Most cheese boards are crafted of either wood or marble. Each option offers its own list of benefits.

  • Wood: Wood serving boards offer a classic construction that make them ideal for both serving appetizers and cutting up cheese and meat in the first place. The natural wood grain make them stylish to feature on a countertop when you're looking for a little extra kitchen decor. Some wood boards feature a traditional round or rectangular shape while others take on the free-form shape of the wood slab itself.
  • Marble: When you're serving up cheese, using a marble serving board is a great way to keep the cheese and meats chilled for longer. Marble is a naturally cool material and helps to better maintain the temperature of refrigerated items. You can even refrigerate marble cheese boards prior to use.

Selecting a Size and Style

Once you've determined which serving board material makes the best choice for your uses, it's time to narrow down the existing selections by considering the size and style of the design.

  • Shape: The size and shape of the cheese board help determine how much room you'll have to arrange cheese, meat, nuts, fruits and other bite-sized treats. Consider stocking up on various sizes so you'll always have the board you need for entertaining.
  • Handle: Some designs offer just the board itself while others incorporate handles. A single handle makes it easy to hang the board between uses while a double handle design makes it easy to carry like a tray. This is especially helpful when you prepare food in the kitchen to take to the living room or entertaining area.
  • Hanging Hole: When you choose a beautiful cheese board it can become a decorative accent for your kitchen, as well. Choose a board with a rope or hanging hole in the top and you can use it as a piece of wall decor between uses.

With so many different cheese board designs available at west elm, it's easy to discover the one that will best suit your entertaining needs. Purchase them for your own kitchen or present them as a thoughtful gift idea to a loved one. The gift doesn't have to stop there; add cheese spreaders or a quality bread knife to pair with the board. Coordinating coasters provide a place to rest drinks.