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Serving Trays Upgrade Your Lifestyle

The humble serving tray is trending as an interior design must-have for stylish homes. While serving trays have always been useful for dining or coffee breaks, their full potential is now realized with an array of textures, finishes and colors to choose from.

Keep Using Serving Trays for Food

Serving trays make mealtime feel special. Their original use is still one of the best reasons to stock up on trays. 

  • Bring serving dishes and plates to the table when it's time to eat.
  • Use trays as chargers by leaving them on the tabletop.
  • Set up a tray for a quick break -- or use cheese boards to keep fruit and cheese cool.

Dedicate Space for A Serving Tray

The trays you use for meals are mobile. Devote space on a coffee or side table for a serving tray, too. 

  • Use these trays in tandem with coasters. Put hot drinks, wine glasses or snack plates on them.
  • Decorate your serving tray as a centerpiece. Host candles, accents or foliage on one or several.
  • Try a mirrored style in the bathroom to help group bathroom countertop accessories.
  • Create a tableau on a bedroom dresser with flowers, candles and other mementoes.

Enjoy dressing these trays up with decor and serving yourself and your loved ones wonderful dishes from them. Shop west elm to fill your home with new trays now.