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Master Entertaining with Beautiful Home Bar Accessories

Develop a reputation for a gorgeous home bar when you stock yours with stylish specialty bar accessories. When you love having friends and family over, you need more than just a bar cabinet and glassware. Pick up high-design bar tools that take your mastery of entertaining to new heights.


Begin with Barware Basics

Start building out a collection of barware with key pieces in matching materials or finishes, like nickel, copper or goldtone. Mix or match with other tabletop as you see fit.

  • A wine chiller or holder creates a pocket of air to keep chilled wine temperate.
  • An ice bucket makes it easy for you or guests to get ice into glasses.
  • Pick up matching tongs for your ice bucket.
  • A jigger measures spirits for mixed or neat drinks.
  • A shaker combines ingredients for mixed drinks.
  • Trays let you serve cocktails to friends, dates or family.

Pick Up A Set of Bar Accessories

At west elm, you can find sets of bar accessories that let you store, grab and display matching bar tools that bring your drinks to the next level.

  • A double jigger is for strong drinks or making a couple at once quickly.
  • A fruit knife lets you garnish easily or add sliced fruit to cocktails.
  • Most people are happy to have more than one corkscrew and bottle opener.
  • Pick up a strainer for your shaker to strain out foam or extra fruit seeds or pulp.

Curate your bar accessories for a well-appointed home bar that can serve your friends and family for any event or occasion.