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Drinking Glasses From West Elm

Let's face it: glassware has got to be one of the most commonly-used dining essentials - whether you're getting ready for a large meal, intimate dinner for two or just sipping your favorite cocktail at the end of a long day. If having a decent - and matching - drinkware set is important to you, or if you need to stock up for your next outdoor gathering, check out what west elm has to offer when it comes to high-quality and durable drinking glasses. We've got a vast array of styles and functions - from tall highball glasses to short smoked tumblers or even a flamingo-stemmed wine glass - in this collection, so you're sure to find the perfect one (or set) to suit your personal preferences or family needs. So if you're in the market for new drinkware, look no further than west elm for the best-of-the-best in choice and quality.

Drinking Glasses: Features and Benefits

Cut down on plastic bottles and instead invest in the real thing by perusing our selection of everyday or party glassware from west elm. Get a set for ongoing use or splurge on specialty cocktail or highball glasses - after all, a drink tastes so much better if it's in the right vessel. The glasses featured in this collection boast gold detailing, curved rims, playful graphics and a whole range of styles for shatterproof outdoor use.

Styles of Drinking Glasses

Here's just a sneak peek of the kinds of drinking glasses to choose from at west elm:

  • Tall glassware. Add a pop of color to your kitchen or dining cupboard with our tall Flow glassware boasting a warm gold hue, or add some texture to your table with our Esme fluted glasses that are perfect for that tall cool drink of iced tea or your favorite tropical cocktail piled high with ice.
  • Short glassware. Whether it's whiskey neat after work or a cold glass of milk with dessert, we've got some great glassware in smaller, stouter designs, such as our gold or smoke-hued short glasses for a retro feel. Or, check out designs from Vital Industries, a US-based company specializing in playful charcoal or gold-etched rock glass designs.
  • Assorted sets. If you can't decide between tall and short, or could use a few of both, consider our assorted glassware sets of six or 12. Finish your tabletop setting with complementary placemats and matching chargers to bring it all together.
  • Acrylic glassware. Take the party outdoors with your choice of patterned, colored or plain acrylic glassware that's durable, kid-friendly and shatterproof. Choose from a set of four assorted styles, or invest in multicolored fluted designs or tall geometric patterned glasses for a playful yet cohesive look. Pair with bold and bright melamine plates, cotton napkins and outdoor-friendly flatware.