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Get Party-Ready With Bar Glasses & Cocktail Glasses

Ensure you have enough drinks and barware to go around by acquiring a set of bar glasses & cocktail glasses from west elm. Whether you're planning for a party or just need a few new glasses for your household, we've got a great selection of glassware to fill that void. Our vast and varied array of glasses for classic cocktail drinks come in sets of two, four, six, or as singles, with some of the sets offering assorted sizes and shapes. So if you need to stock up for your next neighborhood dinner party or you're looking for a great gift for a loved one, checking out what we have to offer at west elm is a must.

Bar Glasses & Cocktail Glasses: The Lowdown

Let's face it: we all know our favorite concoction tastes better in the right glass. That's why west elm's collection of bar glasses & cocktail glasses is the ultimate go-to for that specialty glass for that specialty cocktail. Mixing up an Old-Fashioned? How about a pitcher of margaritas? Or is it just a malt whiskey on ice or a Bloody Mary you crave? We've got the glass for whatever you're in the mood for, or to accompany that sangria punch at your next large gathering.

Kinds of Bar Glasses & Cocktail Glasses

No matter if you're looking for elegant cut crystal for an intimate indoor gathering or a playfully shaped acrylic glass for those al fresco parties, you'll find it in this exclusive west elm collection. Here's a few highlights available right now:

  • Whiskey tumblers. For the true whiskey connoisseur, these tumblers boast designs such as traditional cut crystal, fluted or rounded-base shapes, perfect for an after-work drink on the rocks or neat.
  • Tall glasses. Mix up a batch of Bloody Marys, mojitos, sangria or margaritas and pour in a tall textured vessel such as our Esme fluted glass. Pile high with ice cubes and serve with a salted or sugared rim.
  • Highball glasses. From punchy vodka sodas to cool gin and tonics, our highball glasses boast stout designs and wide rims to accommodate ice and garnishes and to allow the drink to properly mix for a true cocktail experience.

We're Not Done Yet

To ensure you have everything you need for a great social event, check out our full line of bar essentials, such as wine and champagne glasses, coasters, bottle openers, as well as cheese boards and serving platters, cutlery, linens and of course, a handy wheeled bar cart for fuss-free transport. Shop west elm today for the best-of-the-best in home living, dining and entertaining.