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Build Your Bar Collection with Modern Glassware

A superlative home bar includes glassware for all of your favorite wines and cocktails. Be certain to pick up glasses in sets, so that your bar feels luxuriously outfitted and inviting to all. Entertaining friends and family is a pleasure when you have the right glassware.

Start with Wine Glasses

Generally, you need a set of wine glasses for red wine and for white wine. White wine glasses are taller and narrower. Red wine glassware has a wider bowl. Enhance your collection with glasses made just for varietals you love.

  • Champagne flutes are tall and skinny to let bubbles rise.
  • Pinot noir glasses have wider bowls than other red glasses.
  • Stemless glasses impart a more intimate feel.

Choose Cocktail Glasses

To make the perfect highball or mule, you need the right glass. Go for the basic cocktail set or choose glassware for your favorite drinks.

  • Highballs are tall and slim. These are for mixed drinks.
  • Mule cups are short and barrel-shaped.
  • Martini glasses are triangular. You can use them for lots of other cocktails.
  • Rocks glasses are also great for mixed or neat drinks.

Glassware for Bar or Kitchen

Don't forget to stock up on glasses that you can use to serve water, juice or carbonated beverages, too. These glasses can go back and forth between your bar cart and kitchen table for the ultimate in versatility.