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Storage Ottomans + Poufs

Sit back, put up your feet and relax after a long day. Our ottoman collections feature a wide range of options, such as storage ottomans, pouf ottomans and swivel ottomans, giving you plenty of options for your living room. Use a storage ottoman with your west elm glider chair as an alternative to a classic recliner chair and create additional storage space at the same time. Use a small pouf ottoman to create extra seating in a smaller living room and stow it in the corner when it is not in use.

Storage Ottomans vs. Pouf Ottomans

A storage ottoman describes any ottoman that has built-in storage space. Usually, the top lifts up to reveal a storage area underneath. These are ideal options for stowing decorative pillows, throws and other living room accessories. You can also look out for rectangular ottomans that include ledges underneath because these can double as shelving for holding remote controls, tablets, books and magazines. A pouf ottoman is basically a fabric cube that you can use to rest your feet or as seating when guests come over. Poufs work well in smaller living rooms, as you can store them in a closet or behind a chair when you’re not using them. Many also include washable fabric covers, which makes them great options if you have small children or pets.

Choosing a Material

There are several material choices available for ottomans. Many come in upholstery fabrics such as tweed, linen, microfiber and velvet. Leather is another popular option. Ideally, you should match your ottoman to the seating in your living room. So, if you have leather chairs, opt for a leather ottoman in the same color. If matching the piece with your existing furniture isn't for you, you can also opt for a contrasting look. You can experiment with contrasting colors and textures to create variety in your space. Or, choose a print woven into the fabric that picks up on the shades of your furniture.

Styling an Ottoman

Ottomans are easy to add to your living room. They work well with armchairs, and you can simply place a small pouf ottoman in front of this type of seating. Add round side tables to finish off this classic living room look. Ottomans can also be a great substitute for a coffee table in smaller spaces. Place a large storage ottoman in the center of your seating area and use trays to create hard surfaces for glasses, mugs and plates.